Bulgarian Investment Program – the path to citizenship in 5 years

24.07.2020 10:30

Due to the latest legislative changes in February 2013, foreign investors have received the opportunity to acquire residency in Bulgaria by investment in the capital of a Bulgarian company. This way of investing is more profitable comparing to the classic option of investing in Bulgarian government bonds.


Residency by Investment (“Golden Visa”) in Ukraine

09.03.2020 14:58

Foreign citizens have the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine by investing in the country’s economy. According to the Laws of Ukraine “On immigration” and “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”, investments can be made as a share in the authorized capital of a Ukrainian company.


Romanian government willing to support Moldova on pro-European path

29.08.2019 11:00

Romanian and Moldovan representatives discussed new prospects for major binational projects during the joint session. The Prime Ministers of the states noted that Romania continues to be an advocate of Moldova and intends to strongly support it in the European direction.


Romania’s Presidency of the European Council from January 1st up to June 30th 2019

03.01.2019 11:00

The primary questions of Romania during the term of office are European values, unity, equality and convergence. Since the beginning of membership in the European Union, it was the first time that the country held the Council presidency.