Vanuatu Citizenship
by Investment

Vanuatu Citizenship
by Investment

Investment amount: from $ 130,000
Time to obtain: from 3 months
Number of visa-free countries: 129
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Based on the Vanuatu Citizenship Act, in 2019, government approved amendments to the national citizenship by investment project. According to terms of the program, Vanuatu citizenship may be granted to foreign investors in exchange for the implementation of financial investments in the economic development of the country. The country recognizes dual citizenship and, after the investment is made, grants the status for an unlimited period.

Benefits of acquiring Vanuatu citizenship

Freedom of movement

For citizens of Vanuatu visa-free entry to 129 countries available, including the UK, Hong Kong and countries of Schengen area.

Citizenship for the whole family

Spouse and children under the age of 25 can participate in the investment program with the main applicant.

Reliable banking services

Vanuatu citizens are granted the right to open accounts for assets protection in international banks on favorable terms.

Business opportunities

Vanuatu has established favorable requirements for incorporating and conducting business.

Social security

Government of the state provides comfortable living conditions due to social guarantees and low crime rate.

Attractive tax regime

Vanuatu citizens are exempt from corporate tax, taxes on capital gains and income earned outside the country.

Conditions for acquiring Vanuatu citizenship by investment

In order to acquire citizenship, the applicant must be over the age of 18, pass the due diligence, confirm legal source of funds and make a financial contribution to the Vanuatu development fund. Payments for participation in the investment program include government and agency fees for processing and registration of applications, issuance of certificates and passports. Investment amount depends on the number of applicants:

Investment amount
$ 130,000
$ 150,000
$ 165,000
$ 180,000
$ 10,000
Number of applicants
for single main applicant
for a married couple
for a family with 1 child under the age of 18
for a family with 2 children under the age of 18
for the fifth and each additional family member

Since September 2017, investors have the opportunity to pay for participation in the program with Bitcoin. Size of the investment contribution in crypto currency is equivalent to payment in U.S. dollars. Anyone wishing to acquire Vanuatu citizenship using Bitcoin does not need to exchange assets into U.S. dollars.

How to get Vanuatu citizenship by investment

Get Vanuatu citizenship
in 3 months
with the support of immigration lawyers of International Holdings

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How to acquire Vanuatu citizenship under the investment program

1 Passing due diligence

All adult applicants must pass a security check to be eligible for Vanuatu citizenship. You should provide a detailed biography and confirm clean criminal record. Application for Vanuatu citizenship is carried out exclusively through an immigration lawyer. Experts of International Holdings will prepare a full set of mandatory documents and submit them to the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit.

2 Making a financial contribution

After successful verification of documents you get permission to participate in the Vanuatu state investment program. Experts of International Holdings will help to make a financial contribution, as well as submit an application for Vanuatu citizenship to the relevant government authorities. We will provide legal support and monitor compliance with all investment requirements.

3 Obtain Vanuatu citizenship

After your application is approved, you should personally visit Vanuatu and take the oath of allegiance in the presence of an Authorized representative. Based on your completed investment and compliance with the program requirement, you and your family members receive citizenship certificates and passports of Vanuatu.

Why choose International Holdings

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Confidentiality of personal data on obtaining a second passport

Monitoring compliance with investment requirements

Legal assistance in collecting the necessary documents

Guaranteed result for you and your family members

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