Citizenship of Moldova
by Investment

Citizenship of Moldova
by Investment

Investment amount: from € 135,000
Time to obtain: 3 months
Number of visa-free countries: 121
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In 2018 Moldova has officially announced the start of national citizenship by investment program that was developed in order to expand country’s economic activity by use of foreign capital investments. According to the law of Moldova “On citizenship through investments”, foreigners are given the opportunity to gain Moldovan citizenship by means of contribution to the national fund.

Benefits of the Republic of Moldova citizenship

Visa-free travel

Citizens of Moldova have the opportunity of visiting 121 countries of the world without applying for visas, including Schengen countries and Russian Federation.

Obtaining passports for your family

Your spouse, parents over 55 years and children under 29 years are allowed to apply for citizenship together with you.

Favorable business environment

The state has created free economic zones in which tax rates are reduced by 50%.

Double citizenship

The applicant is not obliged to renounce his native citizenship.

Business opportunities

The advantageous location of Moldova at the intersection of world trade routes allows to conduct business activities simultaneously in the markets of Europe and the CIS.

Citizenship by inheritance

Moldova citizenship is granted for life and is inherited by investor’s descendants.

Requirements for acquiring citizenship of Moldova by investment

The main requirements for obtaining citizenship of Moldova by investment are the age of majority and lack of criminal records. Passport issuing procedure involves passing due diligence check and confirming the source of the invested funds.

On the basis of the number of candidates the required sum of the donation is as follows:

Deposit amount
€ 100,000
€ 115,000
€ 145,000
family of
3-4 people
€ 155,000
family of 5
or more people
How to get Moldova citizenship by investment

Additional fees are applied:

Post-approval government service provider fee
€ 35,000
Processing fees
€ 5,000 for the main applicant € 2,500 for the spouse € 1,000 for a child under 15 years € 2,500 for a dependent child from 16 to 29 years old € 5,000 for a dependent parent over 55 years old
Due diligence fee
€ 6,000 for the main applicant € 5,000 for a spouse, dependent child over 16 years old and/or dependent parent
Passport fee
€ 300 for each applicant

Become a citizen
of European country
through the investment
program of Moldova

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How to acquire Moldovan citizenship by investment

1Preparing documents for the due diligence check

In order to qualify for the citizenship of Moldova by investment you have to confirm your impeccable reputation required to receive government approval. You need to prepare and submit for verification a package of documents including your biography and a certificate of no criminal records.

2Making the investment and paying government fees

After receiving government approval for your participation in the Moldovan state program, you need to make a financial contribution to the national fund and pay the government fees. We will provide legal support and compliance with all requirements of the investment program.

3Acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Moldova

From the moment the official decree on granting you the citizenship is issued, you need to arrive to Moldovan consulate or embassy, or government entity in Moldova, and take the oath of allegiance and submit biometrics. Subsequently you will receive documents confirming granting you the citizenship, along with a passport of the Republic of Moldova citizen.

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