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Latvian Residency
by Investment

Investment amount: € 60,000
Time to obtain: 1-3 months
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According to the Latvian Immigration Law, foreigners are granted the right to obtain a residence permit in exchange for investments in the economic development of the state. A temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 5 years, and after the expiration of this period, the investor becomes eligible to apply for permanent residence permit followed by citizenship. Children under 18 and the spouse have the right to obtain residence permit together with the main investor. It is enough to visit the country once a year to maintain a residence permit. Latvian residence permit allows visa-free access to the Schengen area for up to 90 days in the half-year.

Latvian citizenship acquisition
for close relatives

Permanent residence
in Latvia

Free health-care
in Latvian clinics

Favorable conditions for enrolling
universities in Latvia


1 Preparing the documents

Company's lawyers will analyze your goals and provide you with a suitable investment option, help to prepare necessary documents and fill in required questionnaires. According to the rules of the investment program, the application is submitted at the Embassy or Consulate of Latvia in your country of residence.

2 Obtaining government approval

Your documents will be processed within 3 months by the state authorities of Latvia, including the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. After receiving government approval for a residence permit by investment, you will be given the details for paying state fees.

3 Residence permit issuance

Acquisition of Latvian residence permit by investment is performed under the control of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. After paying the state fees and necessary investment amount, you should provide a valid medical insurance policy, a contract for the purchase or lease of accommodation, a health certificate issued by a Latvian clinic. Depending on the chosen option, you may need to confirm the absence of tax debt or an agreement with a Latvian bank. Lawyers of the company will provide you with legal support and ensure compliance with all investment conditions.

Residence in Latvia
through investments

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Options for acquiring residence permit in Latvia

The main requirements for obtaining the residence permit in Latvia are the age over 18, citizenship of a non-EU country, clear criminal record, legal source of income and valid travel documents. Processing of application takes 3 months.

Resident Latvian by investment

There are 4 investment options available under the terms of the state investment program:

InvestmentsIn real estate
Tolls5% of the value of real estate
InvestmentsPurchase of one or more real estate in Latvia in the amount of € 250,000
InvestmentsIn government securities
Tolls€ 38,000
InvestmentsThe acquisition of interest-free special-purpose bonds with a value of € 250,000 or more
InvestmentsTo the capital of Latvian banks
Tolls€ 25,000
Investments€ 280,000 in the subordinated capital of a credit institution in Latvia for a minimum period of 5 years.
InvestmentsIn fixed assets
Tolls€ 10,000
InvestmentsIn the equity of a new or existing Latvian company: From € 50,000 with the number of employees up to 50 persons and an annual turnover/balance of up to € 10,000,000 From € 100,000 with more than 50 employees and an annual turnover / balance of more than € 10,000,000


Selection of the most suitable
solution for each client

Legal support at all stages
of the procedure

of personal information

Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit

Monitoring compliance
with investment requirements

Guaranteed residence permit
for you and your family

Enlist support of International
Holdings lawyers

for successful immigration to Europe


By submitting the application, you agree to have your personal data processed according to our Privacy Policy