Cyprus Citizenship
by Investment

Cyprus Citizenship
by Investment

Investment amount: from € 2,150,000
Time to obtain: from 6 months
Number of visa-free countries: 173
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The Cypriot government provides foreign applicants with an opportunity to acquire second citizenship by investing in the country's economy. At the legislative level, process of acquiring status of a Cypriot citizen is regulated by the Civil Registry Law, as amended in 2019. According to the latest changes, to qualify for citizenship the investor must have a valid Schengen visa and not be denied economic citizenship in other countries of the European Union. After issuing the passport, the investment must be retained for 5 years. According to the terms of the program the following investment options are available: contribution to the Research and Innovation Fund or alternative funds, real estate, infrastructure and land development, business. A combined type of investment is also available, providing a combination of several options.

Benefits of Cyprus citizenship acquisition

Freedom of residence in the EU

Citizens of Cyprus are allowed to choose any of the EU countries for permanent stay.

Visa-free travel around the world

Cyprus passport allows to cross the borders of 173 countries without visas, including the EU, Schengen area, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Favorable tax policy

There are no dividend and inheritance taxes in Cyprus. There are no taxes for non-residents.

Assets protection

Cypriot citizenship allows to open accounts, deposits, loans in any of the banks of the European Union.

Education in the EU

You and your children will have an opportunity to study at any educational institution in Europe at a reduced cost.

Economic relations

The state is located at the crossroads of transport routes of Europe, Africa and Asia, which contributes to the free movement of goods, services and capital.

Options of acquiring citizenship of Cyprus

Acquisition of residential property
from € 2,000,000
Acquisition of real estate worth at least € 500,000 (for lifetime ownership)
Investing in existing company or establishing a new one
from € 2,000,000
Employment of 5 citizens of Cyprus or EU countries Acquisition of real estate worth at least € 500,000 (for lifetime ownership)
Alternative state funds
from € 2,000,000
Acquisition of real estate worth at least € 500,000 (for lifetime ownership)
Combined investment
from € 2,000,000
Investing in several options at the same time Acquisition of real estate worth at least € 500,000 (for lifetime ownership)
Additional government fees
Contribution to the Cyprus Fund of Research and Innovation
€ 75,000
Contribution to the affordable housing schemes for citizens of Cyprus
€ 75,000
How to get Cyprus citizenship by investment

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How to obtain Cyprus citizenship by investment

1 Selection of investment option.
Preparation of documents

We will determine the suitable investment solution to achieve your goals and will help you to choose the appropriate real estate project. Company's lawyers will prepare the application and full set of documents required for citizenship with translations into Greek or English with apostilles, according to the requirements of the legislation. We will help you to invest in the chosen option and pass the due diligence.

2 Applying for citizenship.
Registration of residence permit

The completed package of documents is submitted to the Cyprus Ministry of Interior. To pass the procedure, you must pay a government fee of €2,000 for the registration of each applicant included into the citizenship application. Together with the main investor, the right to obtain citizenship by investment extends to the spouse, financially dependent children up to the age of 28 and parents. The investment program requires to receive a resident card of Cyprus (permanent residence) for the period of application process. Residence permit application should be submitted simultaneously with the documents for citizenship or on the next day. You will also need to submit biometric data to the Cyprus Ministry of Interior or Cyprus Embassy in your country of residence. Approval and issuance of resident card takes up to 1 month.

3 Obtaining Cyprus citizenship.
Passport issuance

Documents for participation in the program are checked for compliance with the requirements by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finances. The final decision on granting citizenship is made by the Council of Ministers. Period of application processing takes up to 6 months from the date of state fees payment. After approval of the application, Civil Registry and Migration Department issues a Certificate of naturalization. To receive the document, a fee of €500 per applicant should be paid. You will also need to take an oath on the territory of Cyprus or at the Embassy in the country of your permanent residence, and then pick up Cypriot passport and identity card. There are no requirements for investors to stay in the country before and after obtaining a passport.

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