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Temporary residence permit in Montenegro ("boravak") is an official document that is issued to a foreigner in order to legally reside in the country. The residence permit allows the individual to have access to various public and commercial activities, as well as access to basic social benefits, including education and health care.

Advantages of obtaining
a temporary residence permit
in Montenegro via business

The main advantage of obtaining a temporary resident card in Montenegro by running business for citizens of CIS countries is that it is very easy to open a company in this Balkan country both legally (simplified procedure of documents submission) and economically (required share capital of the company is 300 EUR).

In addition, the company can be opened and registered by a foreigner remotely, that is, without coming to Montenegro. Also, the authorities of the country do not require real profit from the commercial enterprise of a foreigner and allow the payment of taxes under the simplified scheme.

Montenegro is notable for mild seaside climate, beautiful nature and friendly people. In the coming years, the state will become a full member of the EU, which will greatly expand social and economic opportunities for its citizens and residents.

Among other advantages available to entrepreneurs from CIS countries in Montenegro, the following should be noted:

  • Temporary residence permit for the whole family
  • Residence in the country 365 days a year
  • The right to engage in various types of business
  • The right to apply for loans
  • The ability to open accounts in banks of Montenegro
  • Free health care
  • Free education

In some cases, to open a business in Montenegro you only need a passport. In this case the time needed to register a new company does not exceed 14 days.

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A foreigner, who has started his own commercial enterprise in Montenegro and has taken the position of director in it, as well as their family get the legal grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit. There are basically no requirements from the state for the activities of such an enterprise.

Before the procedure of obtaining a temporary residence permit, the applicant collects and prepares a package of relevant documents with the help of lawyers. Migrants, who have been issued temporary or permanent residence permits in Montenegro on the basis of business activities, can bring their family members to the country and obtain temporary resident status for them.

Residence in Montenegro


Applicants for Montenegro temporary residence permits through business from CIS countries have to meet the following basic requirements:

The age of majority or older

Valid international passport

EUR 3650 or more in a bank account for living in the country

Secondary or higher education

No criminal record or other problems with the law

No ban on entry into the country


1 Starting a business and filing documents

The applicant starts and registers a new company in Montenegro and takes the position of a director. After that, the application for residence permit and the package of documents prepared by lawyers are handed to the authorized inspector of the immigration department of the Montenegrin police, who registers the submission of documents by the foreigner in a special electronic journal.

2 A visit to the Ministry of Interior

The applicant visits the office of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro: takes photos, provides personal documents (passport, certificate / diploma, birth certificate, certificate of no criminal record, medical insurance) and submits their biometric data.

3 Passing the Interviews

To find out more information (purpose of immigration, information about past jobs, short stories about business plans), a foreigner can be summoned to the Ministry of Interior for an interview. In addition, the applicant for a Montenegrin residence permit will be asked to provide a sample personal signature.

4 Obtaining a residency card

The decision to grant a foreigner residency status is made by the government within 40 days. After the applicant has gone through all the procedures established by Montenegrin law, the authorized representative of the Migration Police gives him/her a receipt, which indicates the date of receipt of the residence card. From that moment, the applicant becomes a full resident of the Balkan country.

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How to Extend Temporary Residence Permit,
Permanent Residence Permit and Citizenship

In order to maintain the temporary residence status and obtain grounds for extension of the temporary residence permit card in Montenegro, a foreign businessman must make the following payments on a monthly basis:

The size
Salaries of company employees
from 331 EUR
Profit tax
Single social tax
The use of a legal address
50 EUR
Accountant services
150 EUR

*After 5 years of temporary resident status and permanent residence in Montenegro, a businessman from the CIS can apply for permanent residence. After 10 years of permanent residence in the country, the possibility to obtain Montenegrin passport comes up.


Montenegrin resident status opens the possibility for foreigners to obtain Montenegrin citizenship. The Montenegrin passport allows visiting 125 countries, including the Schengen countries, and obtaining visas upon arrival in other countries or processing them electronically. Due to the political stability and dynamic economy, Montenegro is well positioned to become a member of the European Union and expand the list of countries that its residents can visit without processing entry documents.

Montenegro is notable for its good location. It is convenient to travel across Europe from this Balkan state. Local roads are connected to the central EU highways, and a large number of low-cost airlines operate from the Montenegrin capital Podgorica. In addition, there are regular ferry services to Italy from Bar, a port city. Montenegro is in good political and economic relations with the surrounding countries. Therefore, a business-based residence permit card holder from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus can count on frequent tourist and business trips throughout the Balkan Peninsula.

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