Residence in New Zealand

New Zealand Residency
by Investment

Investment amount: from NZ$ 3,000,000
Time to obtain: from 3 months
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New Zealand offers such investment programs as Investor Visa and Investor Plus Visa, which provide residence permit in return for investing funds in the amount from NZ$ 3,000,000 in the economic development of the country. According to the New Zealand Overseas Investment Act and requirements of the program, residence permit is issued for 3 years followed by the possibility to obtain permanent residence permit and citizenship. Amount of investment directly depends on the selected project. Investor`s spouse and children under the age of 24 are eligible for residency as well.

Free health-care for residents and citizens of the country

There are no taxes on inheritance, gift, property, capital gains, as well as double taxes are not applied

The right to apply for New Zealand citizenship for the investor and
his family in 5 years

Education in prestigious universities of the state with the possibility to receive scholarships and grants


1 Choosing a visa program

To apply for New Zealand residency you should choose the investment program. International Holdings experts will provide you with up-to-date information on the procedure of getting New Zealand residence permit, advise on possible ways of economic investments and will select the best option that meets your goals and needs.

2 Paperwork and submission of application

In order to participate in selected investment program and get residence permit for the whole family, we will help you to prepare the set of required documents, which includes certificate of clear criminal record, proof of funds, an application to Overseas Investment Office in New Zealand. An approval for participation in the program and the decision to grant visa are made by New Zealand government during 3 months.

3 Obtain residence permit

After receiving a visa to New Zealand, you have to invest fund according to the chosen program within 12 months. If all requirements are met, you and your family members will receive a residence permit for 3 years. We will provide you with legal support and will monitor compliance with all the visa program requirements.

New Zealand residence

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permit for you and your family
in 3 months


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Investor Visa

Program requires a financial contribution in the amount from NZ$ 3,000,000 in government bonds or in the New Zealand Investment Fund. Investment retention period is 4 years. Program terms require that the applicant must stay in the country for at least 146 days a year during 3 years. In order to qualify for Investor Visa and get a New Zealand residence permit your should be under the age of 65 years with good knowledge of English language and have at least three years of business experience, and to pass due diligence check successfully.

Investor Plus Visa

To acquire a New Zealand residence permit by the Investor Plus Visa program, applicant should invest NZ$ 10,000,000 to the state economy and retain the investment for 3 years. Under the program terms, there are no additional requirements for applicant`s age, business experience and English proficiency. To participate the applicant needs to indicate the income source and confirm that the investment amount belongs to him or close relatives. Minimum time period of staying in the country is 88 days during 3 years.

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Selection of the investment program
for residence permit acquisition

Drawing up an individual
comprehensive solution

Legal support during
the immigration process

Qualified assistance in preparing
necessary documents

Confidentiality of customer
personal data

Legal support in filing applications
and documents

Learn about visa
programs benefits

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