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Ireland Residency
by Investment

Investment amount: from € 500,000
Time to obtain: up to 3 months
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In 2013, the Irish government launched an investment project to attract financial inputs to business, investment fund, real estate investment trust or charity in return for residency. According to legislation and program conditions, foreign investors are granted a residence permit for 2 years with the possibility to extend to 5 years and receive permanent residence. After 8 years, the resident is enabled to apply for citizenship. The spouse and children under 24 years are eligible to apply for residency with the main applicant.

Quality medical care
in modern clinics of Ireland

Residence permit for the
investor’s close relatives

Education in prestigious universities of the country
and getting a diploma recognized in Europe

Living in a stable and
developed European country


1 Selecting investment option

To receive residence permit and subsequently Irish citizenship, you should decide on the investment option. Specialists of International Holdings will provide you with up-to-date information on application procedure and will consult you on possible ways of economic investment. Based on your goals and needs, the best solution will be offered.

2 Paperwork

Lawyers of International Holdings will prepare the required documents, and will submit the application for your participation in the state investment program to the Irish Department of Justice and Equality. The decision to grant resident status is made by the Irish government during 2 months.

3 Investing the funds and obtaining a residence permit

After government approval for your participation in the program is received, you should make a financial contribution in line with the chosen investment option. You and your family members will receive a residence permit in Ireland for a period of 2 years, provided that all the investment conditions are fulfilled. We will provide legal support and will monitor the implementation of all state program requirements.

Use the help of
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By submitting the application, you agree to have your personal data processed according to our Privacy Policy

Business investments

You should make a financial contribution of € 1 000 000 in one or several Irish enterprises. The main requirement is for the head office of the entity to be registered and located within the country. Investments are required to support or increase employment rate in Ireland by creating jobs. The assets acquired under the program are held by the investor for at least 3 years.

Investment fund contribution

Under the terms of the program, you need to contribute € 1 000 000 to a government investment fund approved by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service. The financial investment takes place in Ireland and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Investment retention period is 3 years.

Real estate investment fund (REIT)

A contribution of € 2 000 000 into the selected real estate trust (REIT) quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange. Period of investment retention is 3 years from the date of depositing funds. After three years, investor is given the opportunity to sell 50% of the shares, after 4 years - 25%.


This investment option involves contributing € 500 000 as a charitable contribution to a socially significant project designed to develop arts, sports, health care, culture or education in Ireland. With a collective investment, amount of contribution is reduced to € 400 000 per applicant. Under the terms of the program, the funds contributed to charity are non-repayable.

Resident Ireland by investment


Choosing the best investment
option for each client

Legal support in the process
of obtaining a residence permit

Preparing the necessary documents
in compliance with law

Licensed investment
program agent

Application and documents submission
to the Department of Justice and Equality
for processing of residence permit

Confidentiality of participation
in the investment program

Get a European Union passport
through the investment program
of Ireland with the support of
International Holdings experts


By submitting the application, you agree to have your personal data processed according to our Privacy Policy