Dominica Citizenship
by Investment

Dominica Citizenship
by Investment

Investment amount: from $ 100,000
Time to obtain: from 3 months
Number of visa-free countries: 137
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Procedure for acquiring citizenship of Dominica by investment is regulated by Sections 8 and 20 of the Citizenship Act and Section 101 of the Constitution. In accordance with the current legislative framework, there are two ways to obtain Dominica citizenship by investment: purchase of government-approved real estate or a non-refundable contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). The cost of participation in the investment program is among the most affordable among the Caribbean Islands.

Benefits of acquiring Dominica citizenship

Freedom of movement

With a Dominica passport, you can travel visa-free to 137 countries, including UK, Schengen States, the EU, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Dominica citizenship is granted to the investor for life and is assigned to future children.

Tax benefits

There are no taxes on dividends, inheritance and income received abroad.

Second place of residence

You and your loved ones can move to a safe state for permanent residence at any time.

Banking sector

Dominica citizenship makes services of all Caribbean banks available for you, including favorable conditions for saving money.

Business opportunities

Caribbean citizenship enables to register and develop companies in the international market using a second passport.

Options for acquiring citizenship of Dominica
by Investment

Purchase of real estate
(assets of tourist complexes, hotels, luxury villas)
Contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund
(for the construction of schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, development of the offshore and tourism sectors, information technology and agriculture)
Investment: Investment
Investment: $ 200,000
Investment: $ 100,000 for one investor

$ 175,000 for investor and spouse

$ 200,000 for the investor, spouse and 2 minor children

$ 25,000 for each additional applicant
Return of investments: Return of investments
Return of investments: Possibility to sell real estate in 5 years
Return of investments: Fees are non-refundable
Government fees: Government fees
Government fees: $ 25,000 $ for one investor

$ 35,000 for investor and spouse

$ 35,000 for a family of 4 (including the main applicant)

$ 50,000 for a family of 6 (including the main applicant)

$ 70,000 for a family of 7 and more (including the main applicant)
Government fees: none

Additional government fees:

Processing fee
$ 1,000
Due Diligence
$ 7,500 for the main investor

$ 4,000 for a spouse

$ 4,000 for every financially dependent person over the age of 16
Certificate of Naturalization fee
$ 250
Accelerated passport obtaining fee
$ 1,200 per person
How to get Dominica citizenship by investment

Get the status
of Dominica citizen
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How to obtain Dominica citizenship by investment

1 Signing contract

Process of obtaining Dominica citizenship starts with the signing of a cooperation agreement, which specifies all of our services and guarantees.

2 Preparation of documents

To participate in citizenship by investment program you need to fill out the official forms and provide proof of good personal and business reputation, as well as health status, source of income and availability of the required investment amount. We will help to prepare a full set of documents along with notarized translations in compliance with regulations in force.

3 Application submission

As a certified agent of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme, our company will submit your application to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU).

4 Government approval

Within 3-5 months, your application is being reviewed by the government of Dominica, after which a permission to further participation in the program is granted.

5 Make investment

Only after the approval of your application by CBIU, financial transaction should be arranged according to the chosen investment option.

6 Receive citizenship

As a result of a successful investment, CBIU will issue a Certificate of Naturalization, whereby you are recognized as a citizen of Dominica and enabled to apply for a Caribbean passport.

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