Citizenship of Montenegro
by Investment

Citizenship of Montenegro
by Investment

Investment amount: from € 350,000
Time to obtain: from 6 months
Number of visa-free countries: 124
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Opportunity to participate in the citizenship program in return for investment in the country's economy is available from January 1, 2019 till December 31, 2021. Citizenship granting is limited to 2,000 governmentally approved applications of candidates from different countries.

Benefits of acquiring citizenship of Montenegro

Freedom of movement

Montenegro passport provides the right for visa-free and simplified border crossing with 124 countries, including the Schengen area countries, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Business opportunities

The government strongly supports private business and offers a simplified procedure for company incorporation in the territory of the country.

Personal security

Montenegro is a member of NATO, the OSCE and other international communities, which guarantees living in a politically and economically stable society.

Favorable tax system

The country has low income tax rates for individuals and legal entities.

Right to purchase real estate

With a second passport you can purchase real estate anywhere in the world.

Possibility of immigration to the United States

As a citizen of Montenegro, you can apply for an investment visa E-2, allowing long-term residence and conducting business in America.

Options of acquiring Montenegro citizenship by investment

State Development Project
in the capital or southern region
in the central and northern regions
€ 450,000
€ 250,000
creation of 20 jobs within 3 years
creation of 10 jobs within 3 years

In addition, the investor should pay:

Mandatory contribution to the Fund for support of underdeveloped territories of the country
€ 100,000
Government fee
€ 15,000 for the main applicant € 10,000 for each family member of the investor € 50,000 for the fifth and each subsequent family member

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How to obtain citizenship of Montenegro through the investment program

1Preparation of documents

Lawyers of the company will choose the most suitable investment option for you to acquire citizenship of Montenegro. We will help you to prepare the necessary set of documents and legalized translations for registration in the program, according to legislative requirements.

2Passing Due diligence

As a certified investment agent, we will submit your documents for consideration to the authorized state body of Montenegro. The government requires that each applicant has to pass due diligence checks conducted by reputable agents, legal advisers and specialists of audit firms.

3Obtaining citizenship

After the approval from the government of Montenegro, you need to make the investment according to the chosen option and pay government fees. After 6 months from the date of contributing funds, you obtain the citizenship of Montenegro by investment.

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