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At the legislative level, Australia has innovation and business investment programs for entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals. Process of financial investments verification is regulated by the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act and by Australia’s Foreign Investments Policy. With Australian residence permit, you can obtain permanent residence permit in 4 years, and citizenship after 1 year from the date of receiving permanent residency. The Australian immigration law allows the inclusion of family members and other financially dependent relatives of the investor in the application for a residence permit.

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1 Selection of investment program

Acquisition of Australian resident status by investment involves selection of the suitable program and making the required investments. Lawyers of our company will advise you on available options and provide with comprehensives support during the process of acquisition.

2 Receive government approval

Within the framework of investment programs for Australian residency acquisition, you have to receive prior approval from the state government. It is necessary to submit application and demonstrate interest in making an economic contribution. It is necessary to submit an application and demonstrate value of your investment. You will need to pass the due diligence and an online SkillSelect test with a minimum score of 65, provided by Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

3 Visa application

After successful completion of the test, you will receive a government approval for issuance of a temporary visa. We will help to prepare and submit documents according to the chosen investment option, including: application, certificate of business incorporation, proof of entrepreneurial experience, business plan, bank statements, confirmation of your business reputation.

4 Obtaining permanent resident status

Once a temporary visa is issued, an investment should be made according to one of the options stipulated by immigration law. At the end of a mandatory period of residence in the country, you and your family members may apply for a permanent residence and citizenship afterwards.

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By submitting the application, you agree to have your personal data processed according to our Privacy Policy

All foreign applicants must meet certain requirements of Australian immigration law, including: knowledge of English, business experience, clear criminal record, age up to 55 years. Acquisition of residence permit is available via one of the 5 options.

Business Innovation stream The program is designed for applicants who would like to incorporate new or develop an existing business in Australia. According to the terms of Business Innovation stream, you should take an active part in the management of the company. If you choose this investment option, you should pass the SkillSelect qualification test, confirm that you have experience in managing a business with an annual turnover of at least AUD 500,000 during the last 2 years out of 4. Personal financial assets of AUD 800,000 should be available prior to application. In two years from the date of obtaining temporary visa 188 (temporary residence permit), you can apply for a permanent visa 888 (permanent residence permit).

Investor stream Participation in the Investor stream program involves investing AUD 1,500,000 in the economy of a certain state, retaining investment for 4 years and conducting active commercial activities in Australia. To apply for a temporary visa, you must first obtain approval from the government of the state, pass the SkillSelect test and confirm availability of financial assets in the amount of at least AUD 2,250,000. Also, the mandatory condition is a three-year experience in managing one or more business projects. After 4 years it is allowed to apply for a permanent residence permit in Australia.

Significant Investor stream Under this program, you should invest AUD 5,000,000 and retain the sum for 4 years. AUD 500,000 is used to support startups and private companies. A minimum of AUD 1,500,000 is used to invest in developing enterprises and AUD 3,000,000 is used as a balancing investment in managed funds. It is possible to apply for permanent residence permit after 4 years of residence, subject to staying in Australia for at least 40 days a year. Acquiring this type of residence permit becomes possible after prior approval from the government of the selected state or the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

Premium investor stream Obtaining a residence permit is possible when investing AUD 15,000,000 in exchange-traded assets, government and corporate bonds, bills of exchange, private limited liability companies, charities of the Australian States, real estate (except residential). The entire investment amount must be available for use and transfer to Australia. After 1 year of residence it is allowed to apply for permanent residence permit subject to continuation of investment activities.

Entrepreneur stream Applying for a residence permit under the Entrepreneur stream program requires prior government approval. The required investment is AUD 200,000. You will need to provide a business plan that confirms the economic benefits to the state from innovation and business development in Australia. Permanent residence permit may be granted after 4 years, under the condition of successful business development and creation of new jobs.

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