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Saint Lucia Passport
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Citizenship by investment program of Saint Lucia is regulated by the Citizenship by Investment Act of 2015. Foreign investors can be issued a passport of Saint Lucia only after successful compliance with the state program requirements and investing in one of the possible options: National Economic Fund, approved real estate or enterprise project, government bonds. Issuance of a passport takes 7 days after obtaining a Citizenship certificate. The passport is valid for 5 years with the right of further renewal.


Visa-free entry to 145 countries,
including the Schengen area,
Singapore and Hong Kong

The right to open accounts
and use services of Caribbean
and European banks

Investor's spouse, children under the age of 25 and parents over 65 may obtain a passport together with the main applicant

Exemption from capital gains tax,
and income tax for companies,
profits of which are received abroad

It is not required
to reside permanently in the
territory of the state

Possibility to register an enterprise and develop the business in the international market

Get Saint Lucia passport
through the official

government program


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The main requirements for the applicant are: age over 18, availability of the required investment amount, official source of income, compliance with medical criteria, clean criminal record, impeccable business and personal reputation. The spouse, financially dependent children under the age of 25, incapacitated children of the investor regardless of age, parents of the investor or a spouse over the age of 65, are also eligible for Saint Lucia citizenship together with the investor.

Saint lucia passport by investment

Contribution to the National Economic Fund

The Fund was established to finance government social and economic projects under Section 33 of the Citizenship by Investment Act. This option for obtaining passport involves a non-refundable contribution of $ 100,000. The inclusion of family members in the application will increase the investment amount. The size of contribution for the main applicant with a spouse is $ 165,000, and for the main applicant with a spouse and two financial dependants the required amount is $ 190,000. Per each additional dependant the investor should pay $ 25,000.

Real estate investment

This investment option provides for the purchase of government-approved real estate project. The category of approved projects include high-class resorts and luxury boutique hotels. The minimum investment amount required to receive Saint Lucia passport according to this option is $ 300,000. You must own the property within 5 years from the date of signing the sale contract.

Investment in the approved enterprise project

When the government of Saint Lucia approves your selected project in the field of restaurant business, cruise port development, agricultural processing, pharmaceuticals, scientific research or offshore universities, you become eligible for participation in the country's investment program and to apply for a passport. One of the main requirement is to create at least 3 jobs. The investment should be arranged once the application is approved by the government. The amount of investment for the sole applicant is $ 3,500,000, and $ 6,000,000 for a joint investment by a group of investors (at least 2) with a minimum share of each participant in the size of at least $ 1,000,000.

Purchase of government bonds

It is possible to obtain a Caribbean passport by purchasing government securities. The mandatory requirement of this option is that securities must be owned by the investor for at least 5 years after citizenship is granted. Total investment amount depends on the number of additional dependants included in the application. For the main applicant the sum of investment is $ 500,000, for the applicant with spouse – $ 535,000, for main applicant with a spouse and two dependants – $ 550,000. For each subsequent financially dependent person, an additional $ 25,000 fee is paid.


Each participant of the investment program receives prior approval from the government, which is based on the results of the legal vetting. An applicant for a Saint Lucia passport by investment should undergo a due diligence check and pay application and processing fees.

Due diligence

$ 7,500 for the main applicant, spouse $ 5,000 for every financial dependant over
the age of 16

Processing fees

$ 2,000 for the main applicant $ 1,000 for every financial dependant over
the age of 16

Government fees when investing in an approved enterprise project

$ 50,000 - for the main applicant $ 25,000 - for financially dependent relatives under the age of 18 $ 35,000 - for financially dependent relatives over the age of 18

Government fees when purchasing real estate

$ 30,000 - for the main applicant $ 45,000 - for a married couple $ 5,000 - for each financially dependent family member under the age of 18 $ 10,000 - for each financially dependent family member over the age of 18 $ 10,000 - for the fifth and each additional dependant (when applying with spouse and more than four financially dependent relatives)

Administrative fee when purchasing government bonds

$ 50,000 per application


Submit the application and Citizenship certificate to Saint Lucia Immigration Department


Payment of $ 80 passport fee per each applicant


Biometric data submission


Receive Saint Lucia passport valid for a period of 5 years

Make only
profitable investments

based on the detailed analysis performed
by experts of International Holdings


By submitting the application, you agree to have your personal data processed according to our Privacy Policy