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Investing in the Australian economy opens the possibility to obtain citizenship after 4 years, subject to meeting all the required conditions. The citizenship certificate enables you to apply for a passport. An Australian passport allows you to reside in the country for unlimited period of time, conduct business activities and gain access to all the benefits provided to citizens of the country.

Benefits of Australian passport

Visa-free entry to 181 countries, including the EU, Canada and USA.

Modern medical care in the best clinics of Australia.

The right to invest in new or existing business using a second Australian passport.

Opening accounts in reliable banks of the country and getting low-interest loans.

The right for employment in the Australian public bodies and military.

Government protection abroad.

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How to obtain Australian passport by investment

The right to obtain an Australian passport applies to investors at the age from 18 to 55 years, who have proved availability of the required investment amount, legal source of income, no criminal records, knowledge of English language, and good health conditions. There are several investment options available for wealthy foreigners in accordance with national laws:

Investor stream

AUD 1,500,000 аin development of the economy of the selected region.

Significant Investor stream

AUD 5,000,000 to finance startups and private companies.

Premium investor stream

AUD 15,000,000 for investing in securities, private companies, real estate or making charity contribution.

Entrepreneur stream

AUD 200,000 for business development in Australia.

Australia passport by investment

After making the investment and meeting residency requirements (4 years of living in Australia, the last 12 months of which - with permanent residence), you become eligible for the Citizenship Certificate and Australian passport. Together with the main investor, a spouse, minor children and other financially dependent family members are allowed to obtain a second passport. The document is valid for 10 years for persons older than 16 years, and for children under 16 years it is valid for 5 years. Cost of registration is AUD 293 or AUD 148 respectively. The passport is issued during 3 weeks. Subsequent update of the document costs AUD 184. The size of additional fee for rapid passport issuance during 2 working days is AUD 215. Such priority passport service is available only in Australia and London.
Application for a passport should be submitted in person at any Post Office of Australia. You may need to book an appointment in advance. If you need to make an urgent trip abroad due to unforeseen reasons, you should apply to the Passport Office of the country subject to making a prior appointment by calling the Australian Passport Information Service (APIS).

Once you passport is ready, you can receive it by mail within one week or just pick it up in person at the Passport Office after receiving an e-mail notification. In order to apply for the passport outside Australia, you should contact the nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission. The time of passport delivery varies depending on the country in which the documents have been submitted.

Australian passport
application procedure

  • 1
    Prepare the set of documents, your Citizenship Certificate and 2 photos.
  • 2
    Submit your application to the Australian Post Office, or to diplomatic mission or consulate of the country abroad.
  • 3
    Payment of the government fees.
  • 4
    Receive your Australian passport.

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