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Investment amount: from € 280,000
Time to obtain: 3 months
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In accordance with the Portuguese Immigration Act No. 23/2007 of July 4, the option for accelerated acquisition of residency is available for investors. Moving to Portugal for permanent residence requires a prior obtaining of a residence permit by investing in the country economy. Initial residence permit is valid for 1 year with the possibility of further extension. After 5 years of residence in the Portugal, investor is granted the right to obtain a permanent residence, and the year after that, to receive citizenship.

Conducive tax regime

Affordable terms for residence permit prolongation

Prestigious education in Portuguese universities

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1 Selection of investment option

Prior to apply for participation in residence permit program, lawyers of International Holdings will choose an effective investment option. Total amount of financial contribution depends on the investment option you choose, number of family members you include in the application, and total sum of government processing fees. We will calculate the amount of financial investment required to participate in the state investment program.

2 Paperwork and documents submission

Residence permit application must be submitted on the official Portuguese website of the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). We prepare the set of documents with legalized translations into Portuguese in accordance with the program requirements and the chosen investment option. Following information should be provided: your personal data, receipt of state fee payment and the proof of investment in accordance with the chosen option contract of real estate acquisition, share certificate, a certificate from Portuguese financial institution confirming the availability of bank account with the required funds.

3 Obtaining resident permit

After the application is approved, you need to personally visit SEF for biometric data submission. Time for issuing a Portuguese resident card is 3 months. We will provide you with personal legal support until you and your family members receive a Portuguese residence permit.

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Options for acquiring residence

Under current legislation of Portugal, individuals over 18 years of age with no criminal record who have the citizenship of any country outside the EU are allowed to participate in the investment program. Residence permit in Portugal may be obtained in exchange for investing in real estate or conducting business in the country. The investor is offered one of the existing options for expedited residence permit acquisition: to invest € 1,000,000 in the capital of Portuguese company and create at least 10 jobs for Portuguese citizens; purchase of real estate with a minimum value of € 280,000 invest € 350,000 in research activities carried out by public or private institutions; acquisition of shares of investment funds or venture capital funds in the amount of € 350,000. Other options are: investing € 350,000 in establishing a commercial enterprise with a head office in Portugal; or investing € 350,000 in an existing business under the condition of creating permanent jobs for 5 citizens for at least 3 years.

Resident Portugal by investment


Certified investment agent

Individual solution for investment

Compliance with the conditions of government programme

Preparation of a full set of documents

Assistance in real estate property selection

Support while changing the place of residence

Comprehensive support during the immigration process
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