Cyprus Residency
by Investment

Cyprus Residency
by Investment

Investment amount from € 300,000
Time to obtain: 2-3 months
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The state investment project was established by the Cyprus Council of Ministers and provides for the granting of permanent residency in return for financial contribution to real estate. According to paragraph 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulation and the terms of the program, residency is granted on a permanent basis with the possibility to apply for citizenship after 7 years. Together with the investor, a spouse, parents and children under the age of 25 are eligible for permanent residency under the investment program.

Granting permanent residency
to close family members

The lowest corporate income
tax rate in Europe - 12.5%

The right to reside
permanently in Cyprus

Free movement of goods, services
and funds through transport routes
of Europe, Africa and Asia

Process of acquiring Cyprus permanent
residence by investment

1 Preparation of documents for due diligence

Procedure of permanent residence acquisition in Cyprus involves confirmation of your impeccable reputation. You should provide to public authorities of Cyprus your detailed biographical data, certificate of criminal record, recommendations from partners, evidence of entrepreneurial experience and a stable source of income. The minimum annual income of the main applicant should be € 30,000. When applying together with family, the minimum allowable annual income is increased by 5,000 euros for the spouse and each child, and by 8,000 euros for each financially dependent parent.

2 Applying for permanent residence by investment

After receiving government approval for your participation in the program, you need to submit application and set of documents to the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD), followed by the payment of state processing fee in the amount of € 500. We will provide legal support and monitor compliance with all requirements of the investment program.

3 Obtaining a permanent residence permit

The decision to grant resident status is made by the Cyprus Ministry of Interior during the time of 2-3 months. After approval of you application, you will receive a Cyprus permanent residence permit, allowing the whole family to relocate.

Use the accelerated
option of immigration
to the European Union

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Conditions for a permanent residence
acquisition in Cyprus

Conditions for a permanent residence acquisition in Cyprus To participate in the program, foreigner should invest at least € 300,000 in one or more real estate projects, and deposit € 30,000 in bank of Cyprus for a period of 3 years. Since July 5, 2013, a compulsory condition for the investor is the acquisition of new real estate. Purchase of two or more real estate objects that is carried out exclusively from one developer. Additionally, a prerequisite for each applicant is to receive an annual income of at least € 30,000 outside Cyprus and to have a personal foreign bank account to transfer required investments.

Resident Cyprus by investment

Benefits of working with International Holdings

investment strategy

Compliance with frameworks
of immigration law

Documents preparation
for permanent residence

Legal support
at all stages of registration

Confidentiality of
client's personal data

Selection of real estate
for the investment

Receive legal support from International Holdings
and obtain a European Union
passport through the state
investment program

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