Belgium Citizenship by Investment

Belgium Citizenship
by Investment

Investment amount: from € 350,000
Time to obtain: 5 years
Number of visa-free countries: 184
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Belgian law gives foreigners the right to receive residence permit in exchange for investments in the country's economy on the grounds of Belgium Residence Program. Residence permit is issued to investor when starting a new or developing the existing business and is valid for 1 year with the possibility of further extension. Investments are made into one of the Belgium regions: Brussels, Wallonia or Flanders, and are fully refundable. The right to obtain Belgian citizenship is granted after 5 years of permanent residence in the country. The investor needs to confirm participation in the economic and social life of Belgium and proficiency in one of the official languages.

Benefits of obtaining Belgian citizenship

Visa-free travel

Belgian citizens may freely enter 184 countries, including the Schengen area, the European Union, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Tax benefits

A favorable tax system was developed for optimization of profit for business owners who are citizens of the state.

Medical care

Regardless of the country of residence, you will be able to receive qualified medical care in European clinics.

Citizenship for a family

The right to obtain citizenship extends to the spouse and children of the main applicant.

High level of education

For Belgian citizens there are favorable conditions on enrollment and studying in European schools and universities.

Freedom in choosing the country of residence

As an EU citizen, you can move to any EU state for permanent residence.

Requirements for obtaining Belgian citizenship by investment

According to Belgian law, foreigners willing to invest in the country are issued a Golden Visa and the right to obtain a residence permit. Multiple renewal of residence permit along with active participation in social life offer the possibility of obtaining Belgian citizenship.

Amount of investments
from € 350,000
Residence permit
issued for 1 year with the right of extension
Permanent residency
after 3 years of residence with a residence permit
after 5 years of residence in the country
How to get Belgium citizenship by investment

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How to obtain Belgian citizenship by investment

1Selection of investment option

Belgian government allows investments in various business areas. Lawyers of International Holdings will help to determine the most profitable investment object in accordance with your preferences to achieve maximum results.

2Obtaining Investor Visa

To receive a permit for conducting business in Belgium, you should submit documents to the Belgium Embassy or Consulate in the country of your residence, including a detailed business plan and confirmation of available funds for the project.

3Company registration

Common forms of business organization in Belgium are SA – public limited liability company, SPRL – limited liability company, SCRL or SCRI – cooperative company with limited or unlimited liability, SNC – general partnership. Experts of International Holdings will choose the most suitable organization type for your company.

4Issuance of residence permit

Experts of International Holdings will help to prepare documents to obtain Belgian residence permit. It is mandatory to fill in the required forms, provide proof of company registration and payment of fees and submit them to the municipal authorities. Documents of each applicant are considered on a case by case basis by the government. Application processing time starts from 3 months.

5Obtain citizenship

The right to apply for Belgian citizenship becomes available after 5 years of permanent residence in the country. Citizenship is granted subject to passing French, German, or Dutch language proficiency examination and proof of active participation in country's economic life. You do not need to renounce your current citizenship, as dual citizenship is recognized at the legislative level in Belgium.

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