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Austrian Residency
by Investment

Investment amount: from 100 000 €
Time to obtain: up to 3 months
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Foreign citizens are granted the right to acquire temporary and permanent residence permit in Austria by investment with the possibility of doing business in the territory of the state. Obtaining a residence permit is applies to investors and highly-qualified employees. At the legislative level, Austrian residency process is governed by the Law on Residence and Settlement. Investment in the economy is considered by the government as a special contribution to the state.

Family members of the investor
are also eligible for residence permit.

Simplified procedure of
business incorporation in Austria.

Study at any of the universities
in Austria, EU countries and Switzerland.

Safe living in an economically
stable European state.


1 Select accommodation

In order to apply for a residence permit you have to prove your place of residence in Austria. You should rent or purchase a property. There are no minimum cost requirements. The contract of sale or lease needs to be added to the application for a residence permit. We will help to choose a property that meets your wishes.

2 Preparation of documents

All documents are translated into German by a certified translator and subsequently certified with apostille. We will help you to prepare a complete set of documents according to the current requirements of the Austrian immigration legislation. To acquire a residence permit you will need to provide:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • 3,5x4,5 cm photo, taken within the past 6 months
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Proof of funds availability
  • Certificate of proficiency in German at A1 level
  • Health insurance policy, issued in Austria
  • Proof of availability of accommodation

When applying with relatives you may also need:

  • Marriage certificate or divorce statement
  • Certificate of surname change
  • Certificate of adoption

3 Obtain a residence permit

Documents for resident status acquisition are submitted to the Austrian State Immigration Service. To acquire residence permit you should pay additional fees for documents processing.

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Acquisition of Austrian residence permit involves compliance with all requirements, including:

Sufficient amount of funds for living in the country, health insurance policy, rented or purchased accommodation. The right for temporary residence permit in Austria is granted to foreigners whose business activities contribute to the economic development of the state. The applicant is invited to invest from € 100,000 in incorporation of own enterprise or to invest a similar amount in a company that already operates in the country. A mandatory condition for these investments is creation of new jobs for citizens or permanent residents, as well as the introduction of advanced production technologies.

There are no quotas for residence permit applicants. Residence permit provides the right to conduct business. Spouse and children under the age of 18 may are eligible for residency together with investor.

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Granting Austrian residence
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By submitting the application, you agree to have your personal data processed according to our Privacy Policy