Canada Citizenship
by Investment

Canada Citizenship
by Investment

Investment amount: from CAD 1,200,000
Time to obtain: from 6 years
Number of visa-free countries: 184
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Canadian government provides wealthy foreigners with the opportunity to obtain citizenship by investing in the country's economy. The investment program allows potential investors to receive permanent residency through the purchase of government bonds. Procedure for obtaining citizenship through investment in Canada is regulated by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as well as federal and provincial programs.

Benefits of obtaining Canadian citizenship

International mobility

Canadian passport allows visa-free entry to 184 countries, including the EU and Schengen countries, United States, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Business opportunities

Canada has signed double taxation treaties with many countries around the world.

High-quality health care

Public health programmes in Canada allow citizens to receive modern medical care.

Prestigious education

Secondary education in Canada is funded by the government, and universities provide loyal admission conditions.

Citizenship for the family

The right to reside in the country and obtain Canadian citizenship by investment is allowed for your family members as well.

Safe living conditions

Canada is a country with a high level of social standards and citizens protection.

Requirements for obtaining Canadian citizenship by Investment

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program
Investment: Investment
Investment: CAD 1,200,000
Requirements: Requirements
Requirements: retention of investments during 5 years
prior confirmation of a minimum
of CAD 2,000,000 available at your disposal
Return on investment: Return on investment
Return on investment: Refundable
  • Requirements for the investor to obtain citizenship
  • Canadian permanent residence permit
  • Residing in Canada for at least 3 years out of the last 5
  • Proof of knowledge of Canadian history, geography, economics, and laws
  • English or French language proficiency test
How to get Canada citizenship by investment

Make a profitable investment in Canadian citizenship with the support of International Holdings lawyers

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How to obtain Canadian citizenship by investment

1 Preparation of documents

Our experts will help you to prepare documents with legalized translations and complete the required registration forms. You need to provide a proof of entrepreneurial experience, required income and financial savings, confirm compliance with medical criteria and the payment of application processing fees.

2 Receive a Selection Certificate

One of the steps towards the citizenship is to obtain government approval (a Selection Certificate) enabling you to arrange the investment. We will submit a full set of documents for consideration to the Direction de l'enregistrement et de l'évaluation comparative (DEÉC) in Montreal. Authorized experts will consider your candidacy, financial assets and intentions to live in Canada on a permanent basis.

3 Get a permanent residency

The Selection Certificate entitles you to apply for permanent residence permit to the Centralized Intake Office in Canada, which checks the results of the medical examination and conducts due diligence check. The final decision on the issuance of permanent residence is made by the government. Registration of a residence permit by investment takes 2-3 years.

4 Granting Citizenship

The opportunity to apply for citizenship appears after 5 years of residence in the country. A mandatory requirement is to reside in Canada during the last 3 years of the specified period. Documents will be considered during 1 year. After the approval, you will need to pass a test and an interview with an official representative. Applicants over the age of 54 are exempt from the test. Upon completion of additional procedures and receiving the approval, you need to take an oath of allegiance. The government will send the invitation 4 weeks before the appointed date.

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