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Residency by Investment (“Golden Visa”) in Ukraine

Foreign citizens have the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine by investing in the country's economy.

According to the Laws of Ukraine “On immigration” and “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”, investments can be made as a share in the authorized capital of a Ukrainian company.

The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine received the right to submit proposals to the State Migration Service to set immigration quotas for scarce skills professions and foreign investors who contributed at least $100 000 US dollars to the country's economy. This was announced by the member of the Ukrainian parliament, Alexey Goncharenko, having published the text of the decision in his Telegram channel.

In order to apply for temporary residence permit, a foreigner or stateless person who, according to the law, arrived in Ukraine shall submit the following documents:

  • 1application for temporary residence
  • 2passport of a foreigner or ID document of a stateless person with D Visa, unless otherwise provided for by the legislation and international agreements of Ukraine (shall be returned after showing), and copies of passport;
  • 3document, that certifies a person of a legal representative, and a document, that certifies authority of a person to act as legal representative (in case if documents are submitted by the legal representatives);
  • 4Ukrainian translation of pages of passport of a foreigner or ID document of a stateless person containing personal data, attested according to the legally established procedure;
  • 5valid medical insurance policy;
  • 6payment slip confirming payment of government charge or document certifying certain exemptions;
  • 74 photographs of a foreigner or stateless person 35 mm x 45 mm on matt paper;
  • 8copy of the constituent document of a legal entity, certified by an authorized official of a legal entity;
  • 9written commitment of the legal entity with an obligation to notify the SMS on the termination of the status of foreigner or stateless person as a founder and/or participant and/or beneficiary owner (controller) of a legal this entity;
  • 10other documents depending on the type of foreign investment.

The attraction of foreign investment will contribute to the goal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to increase gross domestic product by 40% in five years.

The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture predicts Ukraine's GDP growth in 2020 will be 3.7%.