Romanian and Moldovan representatives discussed new prospects for major binational projects during the joint session. The Prime Ministers of the states noted that Romania continues to be an advocate of Moldova and intends to strongly support it in the European direction. Assistance from the Romanian government intensified during the presidency of the country in the EU Council.

The Prime Minister of Romania Viorica Danchile indicated the existence of common goals between countries in different sectors of activity for which specific strategies will be drawn up at next stages of discussions. Viorica Danchile said that the Romanian government is ready to carry out the peer review and provide Moldova with experts for initiating reforms to help the state on pro-European path. The Prime Minister considers this direction as the most appropriate solution for the development and well-being of the country and its citizens.

The core areas of cooperation between Romania and Moldova are the modernization of border posts, joint border checkpoints, improvement of border communication infrastructure and cooperation regarding transborder crime fighting.

"Moldova and our main business partner Romania are connected by shared history, culture, values and people, defined projects. Currently in Chisinau new trend to loudly declare for union has emerged and the majority of Moldovan parties follow it. However, the strong allegations cannot assure this convergence in comparison to concrete projects, which we can implement together. We are planning to build joint integrated infrastructure in various areas, to modernize such systems as security, communication, transport, education and culture," said the Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip.

The most significant joint pragmatic projects of Romania and Moldova are the Targu Mures – Iasi – Ungheni road poetically named Autostrada Unirii, Ungheni road bridge, Chisinau – Ungheni gas pipeline and interconnection on electricity. "Also, we deal with a promotion of the project for the change of the railroad to the European track, creation of the direct rail link between Chisinau and Bucharest and launching of the high-speed train," added Pavel Filip.

The government of Moldova sees the unification with Romania as the implementation of specific projects for the interconnection of infrastructures between states. "It is simple: we are the same blood. We can reconstruct or construct networks together on the principal of the blood system model. We will have interlinked system and hearts of two capitals will beat as one", said Pavel Filip.